I am poison (not in a bad way) to all my bitches bank accounts. They can’t get it out of their heads how easily they submit their money to MY financial greed. I go hardcore with my bitches financially like we are on pornhub show.

All these bitches are trying to get me, and all these haters are trying to win me. I am here to drop salt financially, mentally and making them addicted to ME. Making these bitches feel like a sucker that they don’t want Me to leave.

To all the fake ass haters, keep being blind, and bitches, get ready to drop serious cash.

I don’t do a lot publicly showing off of my money online for free because you need to pay for that privilege. I brag these days differently on my blog and social media. Plus, I have nothing to prove because I am living my extra best life off the backs of these males bank accounts—no matter with and without COVID affecting their Goddess lifestyle.

Peace Out!!


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