Bad Baddie Bitch!

Bad Baddie Bitch!
Curvaceous Baddie Body!

Even though we (Americans) are going through this crazy ass pandemic. I have managed to be around boyfriend (Mr. Wolf), friends, and family who needed a break from how chaotic the USA is extremely becoming over that man we call the president.

I have been on two beach vacations—one with my boyfriend’s family, who are so generous and welcoming to Me. Ocean City, NJ, was not as bad as I thought it would be. This beach was not crowded, and everybody was doing social distances correctly. I would love to tell you guys what beach this is but my boyfriend’s family vacation there a lot. Sorry bitches.

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Then I went to a very exclusive beach community in Brigantine, NJ for labor day weekend. I love love, love love this area a lot—my perfect permanent place for states vacationing.

The Brigantine beach was such a spacious area because it was only people who live on this peninsula. There were a lot of excellent interracial relationships that I saw on this little peninsula. Don’t get me wrong this area is mainly caucasian but, I was shocked to see that many beautiful black women’s having these white males wrap around their pinky fingers.

Mr. Wolf (Italian Stud BF) & I did so much fucking in each room of the house we Airbnb. I wish that I did more topless sunbathing, but I didn’t want to do any illegal public indecency in the backyard beach area.

I will back to Brigantine Beach next summer with three cute bikinis that #elstupido bought me but came after my luxe beach vacation.

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Brigantine, NJ

Got back from my luxe vacation I decided to buy a Mercedes AMG-C43 2021 all in cash. Well, technology money wire transfer paid in FULL. But the kicker of it all. I made a deal of the century w/ the dealership because COVID has made it hard for these cars to come off the lot.

I needed an everyday car because I didn’t want a lot of mileage on my Tesla 2020 and AMG-C68 2020. Those cars are my fancier cars for stunting on these movie executives and executive producers. Yes, I said it, and not feeling bad about it either.

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Lastly I posted tons and tons of photos of received cash and gift from last two months. Still adding more photos to that post too. While I am gone this weekend I will add more.

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