Goddess $wankology #201 – Received Gifts


A lot of you begging to see what I get in cash and gifts. I have decided to throw you bitches some crumbs here and there of gifts only. As for cash tributes, no because you have to pay to see my POWER over these weak ass men online and in-person (not now since COVID came to town).

But, I feel like I am the only person that PURPOSELY ignores all of you guys begging so the other bitches can repeat themselves and be directly paid members. admirers and fans.

I am not gonna say who bought what from my amazon wishlist because I have more gifts coming. I rather acknowledge My personal male providers, male pets, docile slaves, admirers, and fans on another post and make you bitches pay and sweat to see who will get the next free video call from me.

Ms. #FemBoss




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